Monthly Archives: April 2016



Holla East Coast peeps. We’ll be in you shortly.

5/27 – Charlotte, NC at Dirty South Fest (the Rabbit Hole) with Dollar signs
5/28 – Virginia Beach, VA at Hook Up with Bad Korea, Hans Gruber and the Die Hards
5/29 – Trenton, NJ at Championship Bar
5/30 – Long Island, NY at Mr. Cleary’s
5/31 – North Adams, MA at an Elk’s Lodge
6/1 – Brooklyn, NY at The Grand Victory with Sketchy
6/2 – Philadelphia at The Pharmacy with Lilac Daze, Address, Scatterbrain, Along the Way
6/3 – Baltimore, MD at The Depot
6/4 – Richmond, VA at Gallery 5 with Sea of Storms, Teen Death, Park Sparrows

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