Monthly Archives: September 2015

Midwest tour… final update for this site at least


9/5- Bloomington, IN at Wash-Out with Louie Louie and Chives
9/6- Chicago, IL at LiveWire Lounge Chicago with Dethwarrant, Two Houses, and Sick Burn
9/8- Iowa City, IA at Iowa City Yacht Club part of Underground Open Mic Night
9/9- Lawrence, KS at Frank’s North Star Tavern with Four Arm Shiver and Chess Club
9/10- Oklahoma City, OK at 89th Street Collective with Rational Anthem and Lotta Tuff
9/11- Fort Worth, TX at 1919 Hemphill with The Wife and Kids, The Buzzkills, The Kalanchoes, and True Story
9/12- Austin, TX at Planet Heck with Ghosting, Retirement Home, and Bum Out
9/13- Houston, TX at Super Happy Fun Land with Delicious Fuzz, Black Magic Marker, and Muzak John
9/14- New Orleans, LA at Hi-Ho Lounge with camp life and Snuskhummer
9/15- Fort Walton Beach, FL at Coasters with Destroy Orbison, The Dunce Caps, and Flagger
9/16- Gainesville, FL at Loosey’s – Downtown Gainesville with You Vandal and Edmonton – GNV
Next ATL show- 10/26 at 529 with Arms Aloft, Rational Anthem, Guerilla Poubelle, and The Helltons

IA City- ???
Lawrence, KS-
Ft. Worth-
NOLA- ???